Traditionally speaking, the combination of wearing socks with sandals was laughable. But, as we all know, times change and it is no different for fashion. Fast forward today, the inspiration from Japanese sandals is evident, as brands continue to push their own takes on the trend. Palasade is one of those brands, who’ve recently opened pre-orders for a tastefully designed pair of their own.

Palasade’s newest Logo Slides are perfected to help you stay comfy this summer without compromising style in the very least. The slides are decked out with black, with heavy-duty Velcro straps being the focal point of the footwear design. As for the logo aspect of the release, woven Palasade branded labels are sewn atop these same straps. Coming in a range of sizes, the slides will release for a retail price of $50.

Whether you’re into the recent trend of Japanese-inspired sandals taking over streetwear or not, Palasade’s newest Logo Slides are surely worth checking out. Peep images below of the footwear, which is available only for pre-order during the next few days.


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