Palasade’s Latest Drop Puts Their Spin On A Classic Story

The bad boy falling in love with the good girl and eventually changing his ways is a tale as old as time. The trope’s been seen in so many places. Movies like Grease, TV shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and books like Twilight all provide artistic avenues for audiences to explore the themes and ideas associated with the Bad Boy-Good Girl relationship; however, the fashion world has yet to follow suit. After the release of Palasade’s new summer lookbook, that is sure to change.

Palasade’s latest drop tells a simplistic story in a powerful way. Their first Instagram post previewing the new collection is a closeup of their logo designed in a style reminiscent of the Bratz brand. The halo usage cements the girl who wears it as the “Good Girl” in this scenario. Two posts later, it shows what is presumably the original model on a couch with a guy wearing a black shirt with “Bad Boy” emblazoned on the front of it. This series of photos gives little detail about the context of the guy and girls’ relationship. It’s possible their friends, but their clothing choices say otherwise. The final post in the lookbook features the “Bad Boy” model from before sporting a “Jesus Saves Because He Wears Palasade” shirt, while the female model wears a soft-purple logo tee. The image suggests that the guy in the photo has shed his Bad Boy ways and opted for a life of Good. He’s even got a slight smile in the picture, which is a long way away from the scowl he chose to implement in the introductory photo.

Whether Palasade’s story was intentional or not, the pieces in this lookbook are some of the brand’s best work to date. Get yours here today.

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