Premiere Of Wckdthghts #WhatIsLA2You Campaign

Earlier this year we shared Wckdthghts preview of their #WhatIsLA2You campaign along with the restock of their bodybag collection. “The full campaign shares the unique perspective of individuals ranging from Supreme’s LA store, Spoety, to rapper Huey Briss hailing all the way from Long Beach. Growing up in Los Angeles teaches a variety of lessons; the wisdom BornxRaised founder Spanto learned through LA gang culture, and the resilient hustle of Interscope rapper Jay305.” says Mr. Wckd of Wckdthghts. Also you get the perspective of expecting model Slick Woods. The perspective of an LA life can only truly be told by those born and breed there. Thanks to Wckdthghts you’ll get an inside look.

Get a full look at Wckdthghts #WhatIsLA2You Campaign below: