Reclusion Spring/Summer 2020 Editorial

RECLUSIONISM is already well prepared for SS20 as their new season of pieces has hit their online storefront.  New ready-to-wear  pieces such as their “NOMAD A.C.” & “ROAMER A.C.” hoodies are at the forefront of this drop. You’ll also see new tees and signature denim to round out the collection. We got the chance to speak with the mind behind the brand to see where RECLUSIONISM finds their spot amongst the fast growing fashion world.

For those unfamiliar with you and your brand, introduce yourself to the readers.

I am DARRYL GUILBEAUX, designer and creative director of RECLUSIONISM.

Where does the name RECLUSIONISM come from and when did you officially launch the brand?

The name “Reclusionism” comes from the root word “recluse” which basically means someone who voluntarily separates themselves from society. I added the ending “ism” to it because I wanted it to seem like more of a practice to be a recluse. I want people to understand that temporary social separation is good for mental health. Growing up I was always a Recluse and I honestly didn’t really realize it until I graduated high school with 0 friends. I tell a story with Reclusionism, it’s almost like a book. The early collections will be based off of the beginning of a “recluse world” and as you see in the designs and patterns it shows the materials and resources available to the first “Reclusionist” which are the founders of the world. Most designs are based off of what the early Reclusionist would’ve wore. Later on down the line, advancements will be seen. More materials being used and more futuristic garments produced. I would love for my audience to understand the stories and art of the pieces they are wearing. In my fashion shows the themes will be based on the story line and there will be chapters. I honestly do not like to call Reclusionism a “brand” because I feel like I am making a fashion label that will last forever.

What were some of your earlier designs like compared to now?

I started Reclusionism off more on the streetwear side as a proposal only to the fact that maturing into a more avant garde style has to be obtained. Most of the early pieces were designed long before Reclusionism was published and I felt they needed to be produced to establish a base for the beginning.

As a black business owner, do you find it hard to get the appreciation for your work that you think you deserve?

Honestly at this point I don’t feel like being black hurts or helps the situation. If someone wants to appreciate your art they will do so no matter what race you are. I honestly don’t want any forced appreciation because it’s just as bad as no appreciation.

Who are some designers that you draw influence from?

The only designer I really ever looked up to was Samuel Ross, I mean there are others I look at and love but I just get amazed at Samuel’s work every time. I can honestly see something made by him 2 or 3 times and be as shocked as I was when I seen it for the first time. Sometimes his art is so insane I get thoughts that he isn’t a human being.

How would you describe the vision for RECLUSIONISM in 2020?

In 2020 and the upcoming years I am working on expansion specifically. Initially I want to get the awareness up to a peak so that I can start getting more in depth of the storyline.

Are there any other people behind RECLUSIONISM, or is it a one man show?

I do not have a team at RECLUSIONISM, I am the founder, designer, creative director, art director, and whatever else there is to be. Only thing I do not personally run at Reclusionism is the customer service, I only step into that when it is needed. I actually designed the website myself and I sometimes take all of the photography myself.

Besides clothes are there any other things you would like to design?

I can honestly say I am a full time artist more than anything. I am slowly getting into designing sculptures and conceptual art. I also would love to design furniture as well. I love interior design. I also want to design buildings. I love architecture. I was in school for architecture before Reclusionism came about and I really loved it. I am definitely going back to study in the future. I plan to move out of the U.S. to either London or Milan so I will be studying there once I get into it again.

Where can everyone reach you if they would like to follow the brand and want to get updates on future releases?


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