Rello Asks Of You To Interpret His Art As Black

The Chicago creative Rello has been hard at work creating another rememberable art experience. This time around he has made some special for Black History Month. Not many brands honor this month as such and it is great to see a black creative put his culture on the forefront to not only educate the community, but inspire them to do the same. Rello’s newest installment to his Lost Paradise series is titled “PLEASE INTERPRET AS BLACK”.

He has taken the iconic character Mickey and Minnie Mouse and reimagined them as new characters titled Ruby and Ozzy the Bad Mouse. As you can see in his mission statement below, he wants people to have something they can look at and relate to. He asked himself “What would the world be like if Mickey was interpreted as black? Would the world love ME more?”. That is a tricky question to answer but it is good that the conversation has even opened up. What better way to get someones attention than by taking what people are familiar with, remixing it, then creating powerful art and clothing with it.

Unlike Vita, Lost Paradise is a hub for art and clothing. New pieces have been added to their site. From high quality tees to super well done hoodies and handmade corduroy caps; Lost Paradise has has something for art lovers of all aspects. You can head over to Fat Tiger Workshop to check out the temporary gift shop, and over to Lost Paradise web-store to grab a piece here.

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