For everybody battling their demons, Ryder Studios can relate. Returning from the successful introduction of their monster-inspired creations, the brand plans to re-stock some of their newest creations.

Ryder Studios’ Monster hoodies, featured in three variations of designs, are back and scarier than ever. From a front pouch resembling a monster’s mouth, to one featuring devilish features, to even a full-zipper mouth, horns, teeth, and tails are various protruding from different areas of the body. Following-up on an earlier release, fans will now have more options of colorways to choose from, such as black, red, green, pink, blue, and purple. Moreover, the Monster bag will also restock alongside to give those who missed the first time another change.

Check out images below of Ryder Studios’ upcoming Monster restock, releasing August 30th at 2:22 PM EST. Be sure to cop a piece of the Monster collection before nightmares of regret and missing out haunt you again.


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