Sixcell Comes Through With a Hip-Hop Inspired Summer Collection

Sixcell has made a name for itself as a brand whose bold color and stylistic choices have set it apart from its contemporaries. This unapologetic, attention-grabbing, design strategy has reached an entirely new level with their long-awaited summer collection.

One of the most popular pieces in the collection is also the most simple. The Sixcell shorts are available in multiple, eye-popping color ways that capture an athletic spirit not often found in the up and coming streetwear brands populating the scene today. It’s evident that these shorts have potential to be the first items to sell out in the collection.

That’s not to take anything away from the culturally iconic DJ Screw and Menace To Society-inspired tees. Each individual design captures the exact feelings associated with both brands. The woozy, lean-fueled essence of the legendary Houston DJ comes across thanks to designer Jake Hayes’s expert eye for detail, and the dark, chaotic tone of one of the greatest 90s films of all time is executed flawlessly thanks to the bright flames and brooding backdrop.

There’s no telling where Sixcell will go after what is sure to be a successful second drop, but wherever the brand decides to go creatively, it’s sure to keep people entertained and on their toes.


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