With the highly-anticipated DROP 2 on the horizon, Sixcell gave fans a final tee preview before their summer capsule’s mystery release date. And they delivered in a big way.

Available in both black and white colorways, the tee is the first of hopefully many collaborations between Sixcell’s Jake Hayes and Colin Taniguchi. Hayes reached out to the designer shortly before Taniguchi’s Absent collab, and a friendship stemming from their shared love of fashion and music blossomed. Their mutual affection of west coast hip-hop wasn’t the only creative influence the pair drew from during the sketching phase of this project.

“I hit him talking about kinda wanting an old Three 6 vibe from it.” Jake says, “Some Hypnotize Minds type shit [laughs].”

The striking grim reaper draws attention to the piece right away, but it’s the blue and pink airbrushing, complete with subtle lightning bolts and miniature diamond flashes that keep attention there indefinitely. The specific June drop date has yet to be announced, but when it is, you’ll need to visit Sixcell’s online store immediately. If this tee’s any indication, this collection’s going to sell out quickly.