For weeks we’ve been following the bread trail Lance Jordan has created leading us to the release of his “Son Of Stigmata” tee. The wait is almost over as new previews of the tee have been unveiled with hints of more to come following the release. We asked Lance for his take on the meaning behind the new tees and this is what he had to say:

Society as a whole is scared to voice their opinions/thoughts on what different cultures deem “sensitive subjects” (Religion, Politics, Racism, Etc.). That’s where I as an artist will reign; by being an open book through my clothes I want to push my audience’s mindsets further. The goal was never to reach or appeal to the masses. It’s all 100% organic, no boundaries. New age propaganda if you will. Nothing I’ve seen inspired this piece. It was more of the things I’ve heard people say. The lifestyles they dedicate themselves to. Unathletic and I often talk about concepts and different ideas, we grew up together. He sent through a design knowing the look I wanted for this piece and we took it next level.

The new rhinestone tees will be available in two colorways when they drop July 17th here.

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