The renowned, abstract streetwear brand, Stray Rats, has recently announced their innovative Late Winter 2017 Delivery 2 collection; consisting of a slew of short and long sleeve shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies, a jacket and caps.The short sleeve tees consists of the “Boy Girl” Tee, “Brood” Tee, “Deadly Species” Tee, “Pitbull” Tee, “Anarchy Rat” Tee, and the “Rodenticide” Tee. The long sleeve tees consists of the “Long Logo” Tee, the “Angel” Tee, and the “Superslut” Tee. The only crewneck sweatshirt in the collection consists of the “Rat Logo” Crewneck Sweatshirt. The hoodies consists of the “Flower” Pullover Hoodie, and the “Kali” Pullover Hoodie. The jacket of the collection is the “DBNO” Work Jacket. The caps of the collection consist of the “Mystical” 5 Panel Hat, and the “Doors” 5 Panel Hat. Stray Rats’ highly innovative Late Winter collection has a price range of $34 to $125 and, is currently available at