Take a Look Through The Lens Of Jubecha

Mastering the ability to capture the perfect moment takes time. You have to be able to slow life down and focus on what’s in front of you. Its always great seeing artist from the same city to compare their different styles in the same environment. This is our third photographer from the city of Chicago. Lets take a look behind the lens of Julien aka Jubecha.


In your own words, who is Jubecha?

Jubecha is really my Xbox gamertag I made a while back. If you guys ever seen Fairly Odd Parents before and remember the news announcer Chet Ubetcha, that’s where my name was inspired from.

Do you remember what got you into photography? Was it always a passion of yours or was it introduced to you?

I remember getting into photography around senior year of high school. I was working up north at this youth center, and they had cameras that people could take out for projects or just for fun. I saw one of them and I read up on it before I took it out to shoot just to see if it was good or not. After that, I loved taking photos. It was cool being able to just capture and share what you see on a daily basis.

What kind of camera did you use in the beginning?

My freshman year of college, I gotten a Nikon D3300. Good entry level camera to start off with. I remember also getting help from my homie Danny (@_dannyphoto_). He showed me some tips and tricks on how to shoot portraits and how to edit a little bit and I really appreciated what he showed me.

How would you describe your style of photography?

My style of photography is like clean. I can say I’m able to take pictures at shows or of people and people will be like “yeah, he really did that”. I love the way my concert photos come out, for example. I usually lose my mind seeing how some of the photos come out, it’ll capture a lot of emotion and excitement.

Who are some of your most notable clients in your opinion?

My most notable clients are the people who hit me up for photoshoots. Any and everyone who had hit me up in the past to shoot believes that I can take photography and go far with it. Other clients like React Presents, who gave me the chance to shoot Joey Badass, Kali Uchis, and KYLE.

Who are some people you would wish to work with in the future?

There are honestly so many people I want to work with in the future, I could go on for hours about it but I’ll keep it kinda short. First person is Valee, ever since I heard “Shell”, it’s a must to shoot with Valee, behind the scene for a video shoot or a personally photoshoot. It’s two more people I want to work with this year and that’s Smino and G Herbo. Herbo because I’ve seen him come up musically since a kid and I’d love to help shoot and direct a new album cover and to tour with him. For Smino, I got introduced to him when I heard the song “Kolors”. Smino’s look and style is so raw and doing a photoshoot in the future with him would be amazing. I think some crazy photos can come out of a shoot with him.

What were some of the most memorable concerts you’ve shot?

I got a couple notable concert experiences. So the first show I ever shot was Supa Bwe’s Friends Solo show at Reggie’s in 2016. I was picked up by one of the performing artists at the show, XVRHLDY. It was cool being asked to shoot a show for someone and getting the chance to shoot a show. My second best concert experience was shooting North Coast Music Festival in 2017 for These Days News. It was my first time ever shooting a music festival for 2 days, with a fairly decent lineup. Being able to shoot Gucci Mane, Chance the Rapper, Skepta, and The Cool Kids. Right after that in November, being able to take part in shooting Red Bull’s 30 Days in Chicago line up for a couple of the days. Seeing artists such as Birdman, Mannie Fresh, G Herbo, Twista, Kali Uchies, 6lack, and Daniel Ceaser. Another experience was being able to shoot the Drake concert last year. A friend of mine, Frankie(@VerVisuals) passed me an opportunity to shoot the Drake and Migos tour. My last most memorable concert show as Playboi Carti last year at Aragon. He’s currently one of my favorite artists out so shooting his concert was a must. I was actually nervous of shooting it because I knew it was gonna be crazy. And it was crazy as hell.

What is a regular day for Jubecha?

A normal day for me is pretty normal. I’m either with my girlfriend, playing the game, working on my photos or I’m at my day job.

What is a busy day for Jubecha?

Busy days normally start with me waking up early to set up my camera back up, showering and going back to sleep. Wake up like another hour before a shoot and go from there. It’s normally hectic because I’m doing like 3 shoots a day sometimes so I’m rushing to places for shoots, or my camera dying because I forget to charge it. I keep spare batteries though, don’t worry.

What’s up next for you? And big plans for 2019?

Any big plans this year? It’s a few, planning on traveling more. I think it’ll help my creativity a little bit. Going on tour with an artist is another goal of mine, not this year type of goal, just a goal of mine whenever. And to shoot more shows and festivals like Lolla, Coachella, Rolling Loud and to hone in on my portrait taking. I’ve been working on that recently and I think people will like the direction I’m going with portraits. Just trying out new things interesting to make it interesting.