The Berlin-Exclusive Nike Air 180 Sees An Air Max Day Release Date

Just last year if you would’ve asked who will be killing the sneaker releases for 2019 it would be a toss up between Adidas and Nike. This year there is no question that Nike has heard the word on the streets and has been on a tear. The collaborations and exclusives that have been coming left and right are a testament to how Nike handles business. Their newest exclusive may be a little trickier to grab. The Nike Air Max 180 BLN will be a Berlin exclusive drop. Nike took a closer look at the cultural revolution started in the late 80s after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This shoe became a staple during the new-jack tech music which came out of Berlin’s capital city. Nike’s new rendition of the shoes draw from bright colors of the era’s clubs; dressing the white/black shoe with bold neon green and pink accents. A soundwave pattern on both the heel and tongue acknowledge the “wubs” that are an integral part of dance music. A neon green “Air” bag and a translucent forefoot displays “FREEDOM” on the left foot and “UNITY” on the right in bold text. The Nike Air Max 180 BLN will release exclusively at Berlin retailers March 26th followed by a release on SNEAKRS EU sites on March 30th. Get your proxy ready because you don’t want to miss put on these.

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