Bricks & Wood have always remained true to themselves and its reflected on the pieces the produce. They have recently collaborated with infamous LA streetwear brand The Hundreds to bring everyone a small capsule containing a basketball jersey, matching shorts, pullover hoodie, velour snapback, high top-ready socks, a t-shirt, beanie, pinset, and scorekeeping pencils.

The roots run deep between The Hundreds and Kacey Lynch’s Bricks & Wood brand, as Kacey and his father have both been longtime friends of The Hundreds and have been involved in a lot of our history in LA. So, when the opportunity arose to officially collaborate with Bricks & Wood, we had to create something legendary for the city — and the Jungles of South Central, specifically.

Besides knowing Kacey for years, the driving force behind this collaboration was his brand’s strong ethos: building strong relationships and fostering community through shared passions. Kacey is determined to tell his friends’ and family’s story with Bricks & Wood, through meaningful product that demonstrates both the grit and beauty of Los Angeles, all while keeping everything close to home no matter how big the brand gets. That really resonates with us.

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