The Importance of Women’s Streetwear

It is crazy to believe that in a fashion world ruled by women’s wear women are rarely mentioned when it comes to streetwear. Yes guys women do wear streetwear right along with men, but it seems like brands don’t really market towards them nearly as much as they to towards men. Women tend to take things that were made for men and put their personal touches on it to make it more feminine, or better yet they create their own brands to bring their visions to life. Over the last few years strides have been made to enhance women’s presence within the streetwear culture. Creating new waves that are personal to them and their lifestyles.

The Texas based brand Bymylonely is a perfect example of a brand that’s hands on with their supporters and believe it or not is ran by a couple. They stay true to their Houston roots and create pieces that everyone can relate to. Another couple that provides pieces for men & women are the brains behind VIRA. Ran by Enchanted Armour & M.Vira, they use their skill sets to create some of the most unique pieces you’ll see today. Both brands use the woman of the couple to be the face of their brands. With their audience growing with each release; expect to see more couples following their lead and getting their hands into this field as well.

A few underground brands making waves for the women. The artist killdbykill not only makes amazing video shorts using her art, but she uses her art to create clothes. Having her art flow from digital to physical is a sure way to create a world of art. Miami based brand Stray Rats has also created a division of their brand for women called Rat Girls. This is truly for the underground girls who don’t want a brand that creates girly looks for them, but more edgy designs making them stick out amongst the crowd. We love the direction Stray Rats has taken and wonder if more brands will also think about doing the same.

It can be debatable what you call streetwear when it refers to women. You have brands such as Sweats by Stew ,Matte Brand from Briana Shaneè Wilson and Alana Pallister’s I.AM.GIA using instagram to change the way we think of women’s streetwear. They take pieces less known for being “street” ready pieces and have turned them into everyday pieces for women. Companies such as Fashion Nova have even went through great lengths to copy some of Matte’s designs. I have my eyes on what they have in store for those who love flashier looks.

Speaking of flashier looks, there are some higher end brands that have done women’s streetwear in a big way. You have Virgil Abloh’s OFF-WHITE, Natalia Maczek’s MISBHV and Samuel Ross’s (Virgil’s former protege) A-COLD-WALL* that have influenced high fashioned women’s wear in all aspects. Their looks have been copied by many, and have even influenced the way we look at certain items for men.Then you have beloved brands such as Kith & Stussy who have made their women’s wear just as import as the men’s. Releasing full blown collections that are not just feminized versions of pieces you find in the men’s collection. A lot of thought goes into creating these looks from the presentation down to the product.

We also have designers such as Sheila Rashid who take a more personal approach to their work. Creating handmade pieces that are more tailored to their customers. Sheila has created many pieces that you would see on the likes of public figures such as Chance the Rapper, Lena Waithe and Joe Freshgoods. She has also been featured multiple times on Vogue highlighting her style. Then you have brands such as NICOLE ZÏZI STUDIO, ran by NICOLE ZÏZI, where they focus on making eco friendly sustainable high-end streetwear and design. Her most recent capsule features a jacket and accessories made of plastic from Haiti & Honduras that were collected by locals as a clean up effort. She is even has an art platform called ART COMME. where she showcases young designers and artist through helping with trade, creative representation, and consultation. The future of women’s streetwear seems bright. Hopefully we will see the same type of energy that we give the men towards the women. Will we see more female streetwear brands come about in the near future? Only time can tell.

Featured Image by Allie