Tyler the Creator and Golf Wang are back with another rendition of their signature GOLF le FLEUR* Converses. For this pack, the gang opts for a quilted, velvet material. 

Similar to previous “Faux Skin”, Tyler the Creator and the Golf Wang team have taken a more premium approach. For the release, One Star models in red and brown while a Chuck ’70 will be available in light purple. Each sneaker will include embroidered branding on the tongue and the floral branding on the side signature to the GOLF Le FLEUR* line. Velvet tote bags were in colors matching the sneakers were also teased alongside the release.

Look out for the Converse x GOLF le FLEUR* “Quilted Velvet” collection on converse.com and golfwang.com on May 17th alongside the release of Tyler’s 5th studio album Igor.