The ambiguous California based brand, Vague Visions has recently released their Winter Delivery 001 comprising of short and long sleeve tees, hoodies and beanies. Their long awaited collection was inspired by the concept of vagueness where aspects of the designs are blurred and require personal interpretation in order to fully comprehend their design.


Within their collection, they have released their “Blueprint”tee, featuring a blueprint “V” logo on the left chest. On the back of the tee, is a blueprint layout featuring the brands classic logo in a three dimensional blueprint form accompanied by measurements and the “V” logo on the top right corner. The shirts are available in two colorways- Black/Mint and Sand/Black. In addition to the “Blueprint” tee, is the “Have a Nice Life” tee. This tee features the phrase, “Have a Nice Life” in a vintage pinup black font on the left chest and on the entire backside as well. In addition to the design on the back is a die cut design of a woman in red posing “pretty”; which bring out the design. This tee is also available in two colors- Silver/Black and White/Black.


Their Winter Delivery 001 collection’s long sleeve take more of a simplistic form as they feature “Vague Visions” outline screenprinted on both of the sleeves. Vague visions new beanies, the “Loose Gauge” beanie features “Vague Visions” embroidered in white script on the cuff.


The last piece of their Winter collection is their “Mercury” hoodie which is featured on CHAMPION® ECO PULLOVER hoodie. The design includes the statue of the Roman God Mercury posed naked sitting on a stool. Above the image is “VAGUE VISIONS” upside down in a retro robotic font and, below it is the same font turned right side up. The hoodie is available in two colors- Gold and Navy.


Vague Visions’ Winter Delivery 001 collection has a price range of $25 to $50 and is available for purchase

Photos: Angel Serrano