Vienna Delivers Their “Insensible” Capsule Collection

Jaecob Hilton from Gastonia, NC has dropped his most recent collection Insensible, the first multi item drop from his brand Vienna. The title of the collection comes from wanting to capture the feeling of senselessness. Hilton was tired of seeing tons of brands that massed produced products without having any real connection with the consumer, Hilton wants his customers to feel like they are a part of something larger with his brand.

In the collection itself you can find 4 new items and a bonus, 2 long sleeve shirts, a hoodie and a t shirt that comes with a free ski mask. One of the long sleeves comes in an elegant violet color and is named after the iconic Aphex Twin song “Alberto Balsalm“. The next long sleeve titled “Insensible Mary” comes in white with a very simple and clean red “Vienna” logo on the front with a picture of the Virgin Mary with bleeding eyes on the back. The hoodie in this collection is just a simple black heavyweight hoodie with “Vienna” printed in red on the front. The last item in this collection is a white t shirt with a black and white graphic on the front with same “Vienna” motif printed under it, this shirt comes with a free black ski mask that shares the “Vienna” logo.

You can buy anything from this collection right now on the Vienna website right here.