Vira Exclusive Releases 10 Piece Collection for Summer

Whether her budding modeling career or viral intricate designs, you’ve probably heard of the name Vira. At the forefront of Vira Exclusive, the designer aims to create ever-lasting art through clothing. With her newest releases, Vira demonstrates why her goal of Vira Exclusive becoming the next designer brand is very so realistic.

Vira Exclusive’s summer ’19 collection features 10 pieces ranging from hand-dyed customs to gorgeous graphics. Her personal favorite, the bikini set, features a blue, camouflage and rhinestone design throughout, with a featured “VIRA” pendant attached. However, the bikini set, which is also sold separately, is only just one of the many highlights.

Other pieces include the Ombré Denim of multiple panels of hand-dyed camouflage denim fabric, the Aquamarine Summer Shorts, and a trio of beautifully designed pieces, including tee, long-sleeve and sweatpants, featuring a jewelry motif. To finish off the collection, the designer takes her jewelry inspiration and talent to gemstone bracelets and pendant, using stones in colors of Rose Pink, Midnight Blue and more. Retail prices range from $50 to $269, but don’t be afraid to checkout Vira’s payment plan option online if you’re looking to cop a grail piece.

Checkout details below of Vira Exclusive’s Summer ’19 release. With each piece hand-made by Vira, they’re guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. Released July 18th, the collection is now available for purchase while supplies last.

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