Vuhlandes Presents: Slashing

The Detroit creative, Vuhlandes, continues to push boundaries with every medium he chooses to pursue. His newest short film, entitled “Slashing,” is an original horror story with a comedic aspect which will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the ten-minute run time.

The beginning of the film depicts a group of close friends debating whether they should stay in or head out for an adventure to spend their night, when the idea of visiting a secluded bando in the city is presented. Although rumors of disappearances without a trace surround the area, the group continue with their plan as they head out locked and loaded ready to confront any danger. As they arrive, the group push further into the abandoned warehouse as each member of the group either vanishes, or gives up to head back home. Leaving one member alone, he quickly realizes he is in danger as he exits the warehouse being chased by a mysterious ‘Slasher.’ Making his way through the city with a cold-blooded killer on his tail, the protagonist quickly gives us a twist ending we won’t forget.

Filmed and edited by Vuhlandes himself, watch the short film for yourself below and enjoy.